7 Amazing Types of Neighbors in Nigeria

Neighbors in Nigeria

You have one or two neighbors usually if you are living in a row house. But you have to contend with several neighbors if you choose to live in an apartment with many floors. Every place in this world has people with different nature and attitudes. But Nigeria tops all countries of the world in terms of amazing types of neighbors. Here are 7 amazing types of neighbors you may have to contend with when living in Nigeria.

Neighbors with noisy kids

No matter what the time of the day, you always hear noises of yelling kids coming out of their house. Sometimes they are fighting, sometimes crying, and sometimes shouting without any reason.

Fighting couple

These are neighbors who amaze you with their constant fighting and shouting. Sometimes the front door is open and you see both of them hurling abuses towards each other. They can make you get up in the middle of the night because of all the noise they make.

Over friendly neighbor

You are new to the community and hardly know all the people. Yet you are puzzled when this neighbor turns up at odd times and behaves as if he knows you for a long time. He will give you advice and caution you against some neighbors. He treats your things as his own and uses them without your permission.

Borrower neighbor

This is a type of neighbor who can make your life hell by asking you one thing or the other all the time. He may ask you for a cup of milk, sugar, even flour to cause irritation. You somehow bear this neighbor but things become out of control when he starts to ask for your scooter or car. You will find this neighbor hard to avoid if you are a nice guy who cannot say no to requests.

Trouble creator

This is a type of neighbor who looks for ways to start a fight with you. They are very fussy and they can complain about anything you do even inside your house or the common area.

The passive type

This is a type of neighbor who seems to be very docile. They will never complain or say anything. You find them smiling and very courteous in nature.

 Alcoholic neighbor

Pray to God that you do not get this neighbor. They can shout and yell and fight and hurl abuses in very loud voice. it’s not that fault anyway. it’s the liquor doing it handwork, they just can’t help it.

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